Sylvie likes to see a face or a figure as an architectural piece and discover the harmony, the beauty unique to each of us, through her very personal reading of a face as well as lines and volumes.

Her approach is that of an artist, one that sees in each one of us the potential beauty. Why want to look like this person or this other one to feel beautiful, which often leads to the worst mistakes, to erring or even getting lost? Beauty is very personal: a unique face, a special personality; that's why people-watching from a terrace café brings such sweet enjoyment.

In calling on Sylvie's techniques, away from fads and malls, the path you have chosen is the one of a sublimated natural or the illusion of the natural. Cheating is allowed as long as it cannot be seen or guessed.

The hair, -- the determining point of a makeover -- is a precious material with a primary role, yet is only an accessory; the face is the star.

Working a haircut in shaping it and creating volumes on dry hair while respecting its substance, understanding and working along with the face's harmony, combined with a color depending on skin tone, all of it to reveal the beauty of a face; that's Sylvie's favorite thing.

She also particularly likes to apply this approach and techniques to makeup and the figure, to show you off and demonstrate your beauty. Again, her other favorite thing.

© Sophie Rolland