The image-consulting workshop

Image consulting or understanding your figure, bringing up its pluses and better manage your wardrobe in both your professional and private life.

Appreciating your figure and finding your "style" with no faux pas is no easy task to any of us. It's sometimes difficult to be objective and creative.

Just like the face, the body has its own lines and volumes. It is important to read them correctly and to work with them depending on each person's taste and personality.

We are lucky to live in the 21st century and not be slaves to a single fashion-imposed look anymore. The designers are generous and each creates his or her fashion. That allows each man and woman, once his or her figure is understood, to have a large selection to choose from without necessarily falling into the super classic or ultra fashionable styles.

Sylvie proposes and runs this workshop for those who aren't sure, slightly uncomfortable or need a new look and take charge of it.

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